Why Do Men Need Skin Care?

Men Skin Care

Man’s skin layer is not the same as a woman’s

As you might be wondering why skin care products and other body cleaning goods tend to be different for men and women, then you should know that a man’s skin layer is not the same as a woman’s. His has thicker dermis… with more visible pores and oil glands. This is the reason why there are facial washes, toners and creams that are exclusively stamped “for men”.

Protection from the Great Outdoors

Men do not easily feel the changes of the environment that are affecting their skin because of the thick layers that they have. The main factors that get into the skin’s system directly are the changes the weather such as the heat of the sun or the cool breeze of winter.

Because of the fact that men have thicker facial skin layer, they do not immediately notice that their kin is getting burnt and or dried out because of too much outdoor exposure. This can greatly impose ageing even at a very young age. This is why men need to be careful and very specific with the kind of skin care that they have.

Moreover, many do not know, but the sun is actually still present during winter period however hard to notice because of the coolness that one feels. This is a very big problem for the skin because while it is directly hit by the rays of the sun, it is also exposed by the unrelenting winter breeze. The only way to cope up with the constant change of weather is through thorough application of skin care products such as moisturizers and sunscreens.

Avoidance of Health Issues

The skin is known as the biggest and primary protection of a person from any kind of external risk factor. Once it bacteria and or viruses engraved themselves or break into the dermis, there is no turning back. This is also one of the reasons why people, especially men, should treat their skin carefully with all the fragility as much as possible.

Skin that is not moisturized and properly cleansed with the right kind of soap is prone to infection of bacteria or infestation of fungi. The alteration of pH due to environmental change can possibly frame a person’s skin to be adaptable to a harmful organism’s preference for a niche. By constantly using trusted products to keep the skin healthy and strong, a person can build up a better line of defense which will also reflect a beautiful physical appearance.

Looking Good and Feeling Good

Most men believe that to get attention means to look good and smell good because, as they say, no one falls in love with a bright personality at first sight. Having a good skin is a very good confidence booster because not all men can achieve a flawless, oil-free and acne-free skin. A healthy skin also suggests how a person treats himself and ads up for the evaluation of self-worth. Everyone knows that when you believe that you look good, then you will definitely feel good about yourself.


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